Tineke Noordzij

About me

What do I make?: Traditional and digital paintings about dance (mainly tango and flamenco, music and theatre. Fast digital paintings on the iPad at events. Fast portrait paintings at events. Performances on a screen while painting on the iPad. Digital illustrating of books about all kinds of subjects.

For whom?: For everyone who wants a moving, interesting, never boring piece of art.

Why do I paint?: Painting is my life, even my dreams are painted.While painting I enjoy using as much senses as possible: eyes, ears, nose, feelings, movement and sixth sense.

With what?: Every material usable to paint on and to paint with and digitally on the iPad.

Favorite painting technique: Watercolor on watercolor paper and digitally on the iPad.

Favorite color: All.

Favorite subject: Everyone and everything moving and interesting.

Style: Own style, somewhere in between expressionism and impressionism

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